OH no time to relax ?Did you ever take deep breath into a bunch of fresh lavender? i assume your answer will be, yes.But how about a relaxing lavender experience with chocolate together? i guess you all know the trick of lavender. it makes you relaxed right away, it calms you when you are intense and you need a break, it gives the feeling you don’t wanna stop … but how is it possible to make chocolate from lavender ? usually people use lavender in soaps and oil, but how doss come to food ? Listen to a story, we ware at a show sampling chocolate and we gave white lavender chocolate to the people who wanted something elegant and relaxing and new what they never before had…So we told them to put the lavender chocolate on the palate and close your eyes for 5 seconds. and… how it was an unimaginable experience…the people grumbled hum yum… its truly something we never had! they felt relaxed, the lavender want right where it was supposed to go… and its was delicious too! how is that? the simple answer to that is ; trust CocoArt! the white calming lavender chocolate comes in elongated box shape 1.2″ by 1.5″ by .05″ high so its quite a good bite size. sit down and relax over chocolate and a cup of tea, it will definitely make the job!!!.