Menu's and Chocolate.   

 Chocolate can be very well served as a part of a menu, just by itself or with pairing wine, spirit coffee or tea    Chocolate as an Entrée could be very well served with coffee stimulate your senses and prepare you to eat  An exciting way to start a meal is to awaken thee appetite with flavorful chocolates accompanied with spirits.    

How can I serve it as a part of a meal? …   

Answer; After the fish Plate is served Put on a nice plate 2 or 3 chocolates of your choice same as you are serving desert Put a cup of for tea (or cold lemon water) preferably not with sugar (or minimum) it’s ideal to serve it with dry crackers of your choice.    

Haute cuisine- cheeses and chocolate

will pair well. chose it as a main dish with any type cheese (not hot spiced or flavored very hard) and chocolates of your choice.  our experience shows that chocolate and cakes are NOT going well together by any means (this is because cake are just full with loads of sugar so it blurs the buds) so YOU will decide which one you prefer!    

Chocolate with fruits and nuts pairs very well with all of our chocolates.    

For beer and spirit party's 

Look at our menu bar what's listed for your paring.  (by the way our lavender chocolate pairs fantastic with ginger liquor) We suggest start first with liqueur than indulge into the chocolate of your choice repeat again and again for the best experience.  This will stimulate the best of your taste buds .... enjoy!    

For wine and Chocolate event. 

 Dry and sweet wine  Take the chocolates from our menu bar and start sipping from the wine and then bite into the chocolate.  (By the way Our ginger and lavender pair very good with cabernet wine.)        �