We at CocoArt Chocolate thrive to bring forward the luxe of chocolate to its highest artisanal end. We put all our effort into, and successfully achieved our goal with premium quality, aesthetic impression, unique & superb favors, and mouthwatering textures.   

French Nougats: Our French nougats have a caramel based ooyee chewy consistency shelled I a fine milk Swiss chocolate.   

Premium truffles: Our premium truffles have a fine silk smooth chocolate cream center shelled in the finest swiss chocolate.   

Unnatural clusters: Our clusters are an exciting crispy nutty treat. Our caramels are made in original Italian fashion.   

Signature Meltaways: Our Meltaways consist of solid chocolate loaded with healthy butters, made with the most exotic and unique flavors. With no added sugars, this is a total healthy choice.  An elegant confection, it’s the real thing for the connoisseur.